Tuesday, November 02, 2004

What a day!

Election Day has been an absolutely positive day for me. After I'd voted, I met — as kinda-sorta-maybe planned — two young, first-time voters for lunch. I bought.

I have no idea how they voted. That's their business. Both had registered to vote and neither one was comfortable with the information they were getting through the completely different and opposing media sources each was regularly exposed to. They were willing to do their own homework, but didn't know where to start.

I'd printed out stuff for them on the local races, retention of judges and amendments to the state's constitution from the most informative and neutral sites I could find that provided both pros and cons: The Florida Bar Association, The League of Women Voters, yadda-yadda; and suggested other sites that they should check for national (like Factcheck.org) and state races.

I think their eyes were glazed when each went to vote. They also knew that it's a good idea (in my opinion) to have their driver's license in the back pocket of their jeans so they could grab it quickly rather than have to look for it, and carried with them their sample ballot with their decisions already marked so that all they had to do was "run down the list" when entering their votes.

After all the work they'd done on their own to make informed decisions, I felt the least I could do after they voted was buy them lunch.

So, I did.

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Blogger Norma said...

I have added you to my blogroll, and after reading this maybe I should go back and change that to Good Citizen Doyle!

1:20 PM  

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