Friday, December 10, 2004

Tax Reform

Dubya's second term is going to be a busy one. Another one of the goals he's set is changing the current Federal income tax system.

We all know that as soon as Dubya says he's for something, the Lefty-Loons will automatically be against it, filling the airwaves and print media with non-stop disinformation.

At this point no one knows what Dubya has in mind. One possibility is totally eliminating the Federal income tax (and I.R.S. with it) and replacing it with a consumption-based one levied on retail goods.

This made absolutely no sense to me, until I started learning more about it.

Not all of my questions have been answered, yet. Heck, it's still a proposal. But with what I've read at the Fair Tax Organization's site, I'm thinking it's an excellent start.

Oh, and if you don't bookmark it, I've added the link under Information on . . .


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