Saturday, December 04, 2004

Ya ever have one of those days . . .

weeks . . . months . . . years . . .

Wait. We're talking the U.N. here, again, an organization that has been a festering sore for decades. Now, finally, more and more about this corrupt organization that answers to no one but itself is coming to light.

Sacred Cow Burgers

Kofi Annan's son Kojo just happens to be paid for years for doing "nothing," by one of the contractors Kofi's U.N. selected to ensure the integrity of the Oil for Food Program, while the now-retired U.N. employee chosen by Kofi to supervise the entire program "allegedly" receives oil vouchers authorized by Saddam himself.

Then you've got the U.N.'s peacekeepers in Congo "allegedly" doing their thang, raping women and children. Oh and let's not forget the French contingent, under U.N. auspices in the Sudan, who "allegedly" used the Sudaneese civilians they were supposedly over there to protect, as target practice.

What else could possibly go wrong for that poor, embattled organization, the misunderstood and underappreciated United Nations?

How 'bout not only dropping the formal charges but keeping on its payroll, one of its employees who was arrested for participating in 1994's genocide in Rawanda.

MSNBC has the story.


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