Monday, December 06, 2004

17 - 16

Steelers over the Jaguars last night. As its been almost all season, the game came down to the last few seconds. Josh Scobee, our rookie kicker, was this much wide-right on a 60-yard field goal attempt that could have won it on the last play.

The chance of the Jags getting a wildcard berth into the playoffs is now all but gone. Gloom and doom, doom and gloom? Nah. I said even before the exhibition games, if we can finish this season at .500 I'll be happy.

Some people think I'm nuts for feeling that way, pointing back at the years when the Jags were in the playoffs, like this is some kind of dynasty that's been around for decades. In truth, the Jaguars have been around for only ten years and success came way too early. It was fun and exciting, but the fans were immediately spoiled into thinking every year would be a playoff one.

Me, I just like the game. I don't understand its intricacies the way Hubby and Da Kid do nor do I want to. Just give me a good game, like when the Jags and Steelers play against each other. And last night's game before a crowd of 76,877 (including many who came down from Pennsylvania to attend) did not disappoint.

Hard hitting, brute force, in-your-face football with none of the antics or temper tantrums the game seems so filled with today. Few penalties, no cheap shots. Only a few points difference on the scoreboard the whole game. With few exceptions, that's the way they've always played each other.

A rivalry? You betcha, although the Steelers deny it. Or, they try to because they're THE STEELERS! Steel Curtain, that kinda legacy. And the Jaguars are . . . Real Teal!

(If there isn't one, what where all those Steeler folk doing in the stands last night?)

Unfortunately, after realignment, the Steelers and the Jags aren't in the same conference anymore. Now, instead of meeting twice a year, the match-ups are few and far between.

If you missed the game on television last night, you missed football at its best.


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