Saturday, January 29, 2005

Remember this face

Ten days ago, John "Eff’n" Kerry ran his mouth about how voters in certain Ohio precincts (who, of course, would have voted for him which is why he ain’t the Prez now) had somehow been disenfranchised because it was too much trouble for them to wait on long lines in order to vote.

When I first read that, I remembered the long lines here when Clinton ran for President, and not a word was said about it by the Lefty-Loons. The wait at my largely-Republican precinct was three hours, and never once was it turned into some sort of conspiracy theory to prevent anyone here from voting.

Now think about the first free elections held in Afghanistan not that long ago. Under the threat of death, people still walked for miles in order to vote. And now we’re watching the Iraqi people voting in their first free election in over 50 years.

Some Iraqis here in the U.S. are driving 17 hours to do so, and similar stories are being reported around the globe. And tomorrow, the people in Iraq, itself, will be casting their votes.

Some will travel long distances. Others will be braving the threat of death.

I want you to look at this face. I want you to remember it the next time and every time Kerry or any of the Lefty-Loons start in with their bogus claims of disenfranchisement.

This is the face of someone who really knows what it’s like not being allowed to vote or being permitted to vote freely. He knows the price of finally being able to do so.

Remember his face.

Via Powerline

After decades of tyranny, Iraqi expatriates have already begun to elect leaders to draft a new constitution. In the photo [above], seventy-year-old exile Mehsin Imgoter weeps after casting his vote at a polling place in Southgate, Michigan. Imgoter explained to a reporter that he was crying because his son, who was killed during the 1990-91 Shiite uprising, was not able to vote with him.


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