Thursday, February 10, 2005

A 50-pounder?

I've never seen one in RL (and I hope I never do) but for some reason I always thought of coyotes as much smaller.

An injured 2-year-old female coyote rests after Jacksonville Animal Care and Control workers rescued her Wednesday from the side of Florida 9A. The non-native animal is expected to surivive.

I detected somewhat of a sympathetic tone here, especially with the pic of the poor widdle thing.

I've read too many stories about them in areas they've moved into and then multiplied in. And this one weighs 50 pounds?

I've never done anything except ping targets, but with coyotes I might be tempted to change that.

Unless the coyote was carrying away one of Da Neighbor's endlessly yapping, multitude of batshit Chihuahuas.

That's different.


Blogger Don said...

Now and then a coyote family moves into the creekbed. Last year my neighbor heard his cat get in a fight, then silence, then the happy yapping of a litter of coyote pups that just got dinner. They're native round here. About every decade or so a dumb young mountain lion gets shoved out of the wild and into the suburbs too. Am I weird that this makes me smile? Even on those rare nights when a dark grove along the creek suddenly watches me with menace, and I know it's just my imagination, I admit I'd rather go by lion than car crash.

6:27 PM  

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