Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I've matured. I don't announce every little change I make anymore because the few links I used to have, well. I have a bunch more now.

I do think, though, that I should mention a few of the changes I made today.

I've removed Diplomad because of their announcement that although they would be leaving their site up for a few days, they are closing shop. I'm going to miss ‘em.

I added a new "Information On" section strictly for Social Security Reform and moved all of the links I had on that subject there. Yes, some of them are blogs but they're danged good ones when it comes to kicking the stuffing out of the Lefty-Loon arguments against it. Also, check out USA Next which is countering AARP's blather as fast as it dribbles out.

Florida Bloggers! Added several more. One in particular I want to call attention to is Mom in the Mirror. She writes as a mother because she is one (Duh!) but I can also see fathers pondering some of the same questions she asks like, If my child has an invisible friend is there any reason why can't I have one, too?


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