Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Voices of Freedom

Today the people of Iraq have spoken to the world, and the world is hearing the voice of freedom from the center of the Middle East.

In great numbers and under great risk, Iraqis have shown their commitment to democracy.
- George W. Bush

Have you ever seen anything like this? Iraq will be O.K. with so many brave people, it will certainly O.K.; I can say no more just now; I am just filled with pride and moved beyond words. People are turning up not only under the present threat to polling stations but also under future threats to themselves and their families; yet they are coming, and keep coming. - Alaa

An 80-year-old man being carried to his voting place.

Today I can walk tall, I can say I am Iraqi with a proud not only because I voted but also I fought against terrorist with my voting ballot - Baghdad Dweller

Man assisting his 83-year-old mother as she prepares to vote

I saw a crippled man and my old neighbor and his older wife leaning on their walking sticks going to vote. An old woman cleaning her door step stopped me, "Say son, can I go and vote?" She asked after she saw many people going to vote. "Sure Khala (aunt)! Everyone can". - Ali

Today, there's no voice louder than that of freedom. - Mohammed and Omar

And then there's . . .

No one in the United States should try to overhype this election.. . . [W]hat really counts now is the effort to have a legitimate political reconciliation, and it's going to take a massive diplomatic effort and a much more significant outreach to the international community than this administration has been willing to engage in. Absent that, we will not be successful in Iraq. - John "Eff'n" Kerry


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