Wednesday, March 02, 2005


The beepa-dotta-boopa-dotta-blippa-dotta ding-a-ling tone goes off. Another NEWS ALERT from your news source!

Martha got busted in 'Camp Cupcake' for hiding a hard-boiled egg in her bra!

New revelations on the Robert Blake case!

Kobe (we gotta ensure ratings somehow, huh?) Bryant!

In today's testimony at "The Michael Jackson Trial" . . .

Sadly when something important is happening, we now often don't know that it is.

More and more we're tuning out the beepa-dotta-boopa-dotta-blippa-dotta ding-a-ling tone going off that's supposed to signal a NEWS ALERT, because the news we're being alerted to, really isn't.

UPDATE: Welcome Wizbang! readers. Grab a cold drink out of the cooler. The pretzels and chips are over there.


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