Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A Q & A with myself on a dark and stormy day

The price of oil hit an all-time high today of over $56 (US) a barrel, and the Senate has finally endorsed by a 51 - 49 the first actual exploration for oil in ANWR.

You mean with all of the talk about how much oil is up there, nobody actually knows if there is any?

In terms of someone drilling a hole in the ground and that "a-bubbling crude" shooting into the air, you've been watching too much television. Thanks to the enviro-wackies, only one test hole has ever been drilled up there but sandwiched between two huge oil fields, the on-surface geologic tests in ANWR say there's lots. How much, they're not sure but . . . lots.

But, it's going to wreck a pristine wilderness, they'll destroy all of ANWR with their drilling and the ugly oil wells . . .

You're bugging me, idiot. Do you know how big Alaska is? How big ANWR is? And out of all that, how much land area will actually be involved? 3.13 square miles!

So oil prices will go down . . . next month, 'cause of the oil from ANWR, right?

Listen, dimbulb. If everything goes right and there are no obstacles, the first oil should start flowing from ANWR into the Alaskan pipeline sometime between 2014 and 2017.

Say whut! Why didn't we do it earlier?

Go away and leave me alone before I hurt you.



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