Friday, June 03, 2005

Dear Dr. Steinmetz:

Thank you for your reply of June 1.

Having worked for a physician for several years in a former life, please forgive me for being more than a tad skeptical.

I find it extremely difficult to believe that someone of the renown you claim would bother with this little blog, would refer to themselves as an Md, [emp — ed] would reply so informally and make that many errors doing so.

Although you wrote as "Anonymous" your ISP indicates you are writing from the Michigan area. A google search reveals numerous credentialed individuals with the name Steinmetz — the name you provided in the body of your reply — in that locale but none of them are A.Z. In fact, I can't find an A.Z. Steinmetz anywhere.

Regarding your research, a link to where it's been published will be appreciated since you encourage more of it in order to learn the truth because the information available through law enforcement and media sources is incorrect.

Your statement that 98 percent of sexual offenders are parents is particularly intriguing considering the search criteria you used. Does your mentioning it indicate that to you, the sexual abuse of a child by a stranger is somehow less of a crime?

Further, I'd like to find out more about the services you provide to the 400 sexual offenders you — a Fellow with the American College of Surgeons — treat annually.

I await your reply.



Blogger Norma said...

You've caught yourself a live one--a troll that is. And a creepy one at that.

2:10 PM  

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