Friday, June 24, 2005

The Kerry Clock

On June 20 Powerline posted copies of the three, separate SF-180s Kerry signed, authorizing the release of his military records to handpicked reporters. While that's not the full and complete public disclosure Kerry repeatedly "nuanced," following the links Powerline provided in a subsequent article told me it was time to stop beating a dead horse. So, I took the Kerry Clock out of my sidebar.

Kerry might think that he's now checked off another item on his "Things To Do List" in order to appear a viable candidate for his party's nomination in 2008. Perhaps he has, but in doing so Kerry once again showed why he's just not presidential material.

When asked why he refused to sign the forms when he was the candidate in 2004 and questions arose, Kerry explained:

Those mean poopeyheads telling stories about me kept trying to make me sign it but I didn't wanna 'cause if I did then it

Sacred Cowburgers

would make ME look like I'm not the big, strong, tough . . . brave guy I am ‘cause if I did it would look like they'd made me do it. So I didn't.

Showed them, didn't I!
Yes, Senator Kerry. You most certainly did.


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