Friday, October 28, 2005

Hurricane Wilma: Aftermath

No, this isn't a traditional round-up of Florida bloggers checking in after Wilma came through.

It's selected links to Florida bloggers who are more than a tad perturbed not because the gummint wasn't there to take care of them. No, they're bothered by so many who didn't lift a finger because they expected the gummint to.

Since this is my blog, I'm leading off with . . . ME!

When I wasn't speaking colorfully at the television, I was rolling my eyes with each heartrending story broadcast. Is this our future?

TGOO, filling in for Boudicca after her power went out, shared a conversation he'd had with her: Where do we find these people?. When later she had power again, Boudicca did what she seldom does. She raised her sword on high warning that she's " ... pissed as hell".

Steve, at Hog on Ice, who still doesn't have power and has no idea when it will be restored is as always . . . Steve!

You know what I want to know, assmonkeys? Where were you last week when ice was available on every corner? Where were you when the stores were all open and you could buy all the water you wanted? Yes, okay, FEMA blew it by letting supplies run out for half a day. What about your sorry ass blowing it all last week?
As direct but far more polite is Florida Cracker here and here.

With apologies to CCR, there IS a bad moon rising for those who believe a nanny-state is the way things should be.


Anonymous Boudicca said...

Oh it is so frustrating!!! I am afraid we are breeding a society that expects others to take care of them. Please let this only be a small segment!

11:14 PM  

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