Wednesday, November 09, 2005

How YOU can help

I noticed this at Michelle Malkin's blog today. She didn't write much but she didn't have to. I've had Ward (a.k.a. The Hurricane Magnet) at Operation Enduring Service blogrolled for a long time and now it's time for us to pitch in.

We are preparing to receive at least two ships (if everything goes as planned) to begin the conversion to Fast Attack Emergency Cargo Ships tHow YOU can helpo respond to disaster incidences in Coastal States (East Coast, Gulf Coast, and in some instances West Coast). It is estimated that we can remove about 27% of the federal burden for Ice, Water, and food within the first 10 hours following a CAT-4 landfall. There is also the ability to provide climate controlled medical and staging facilities for up to 40 percent of the same disaster area.
Confederate Yankee explains:

Due to time constraints the legislation required to make this happen is dangerously close to falling by the wayside-in fact it has to pass before Congress ends this Session (less than 14 days). BTC has obtained the support of a number of Congressmen and Senators. Each of the senators has the ability to submit this legislation for Operation Enduring Service and should be contacted via phone, fax or electronically and encouraged to submit this legislation immediately.
What can you do to help? Contact your Congresscritters.

Note: Hit "Ignore the ad" and go from there.


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