Tuesday, April 18, 2006


A few weeks ago — the Friday of the first illegal alien demonstration in Los Angeles — waiting for my car to be serviced, I ended up in front of the big screen TV the dealership has in its waiting area.

I'd brought a book with me to read (BUSH COUNTRY by John Podhoretz, it's <waggle hand> and not really worth blogging about ) when a salesman — perhaps emboldened because of the book's title — interrupted my reading to point out to me what was on the screen.

I didn't hear what he said but seeing the incredible number of people shown on the screen and the caption "Immigrants Rally," his attitude ticked me off. Not that it takes much for me to get ticked off at car salesmen (or women) and fast, but this one's body english and tone indicated that he was less than pleased with people demonstrating against, as the talking heads described it, the immigration bill being considered by Congress.

"It's about damned time immigrants FINALLY took a stand and made their objections known," I spat. And, off he stomped.

That's when I noticed for the first time the station they had on: CNN.

CNN? Providing this much coverage for a "rally" by immigrants in response to legislation that toughen penalties? Wow! Yes!!! There must be so many immigrants, CNN COULDN'T ignore . . .

(<Cue James Earl Jones!>) This . . . is CNN.

So there I sat, my mind going in endless circles something like . . .

CNN uses the phrase "undocumented worker" to mean illegal alien but they're saying these are immigrants, not "undocumented workers" so maybe they are real immigrants but [(<Cue James Earl Jones!>) this . . . is CNN] so maybe they're calling them immigrants now to . . . but if so then why are these people rallying for . . . maybe they're demonstrating against all those Senate bills being discussed . . . but . . . [(<Cue James Earl Jones!>) this . . . is CNN] so maybe instead of . . . wait, thehousebill. I forgot the bill the House of Representatives just passed. If that's the legislation they're "rallying" against then it all FINALLY makes sense! They're not immigrants, and that's why CNN is calling them immigrants!
Or something.

I came across a new phrase today, folks.

Instead of calling illegal aliens illegal aliens and since "undocumented worker" translates to illegal alien and so many are catching on to the substitution of "immigrant" for illegal alien, I think calling them "Imported Laborers" is just so . . . it's just so . . .

Go ahead, fill in the blank.


Blogger ABFreedom said...

heh ... Cannukastan has a post about the term undocumented worker you might like ... LOL

10:37 PM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

Maybe the U.S. could mark their first moment across the border with a "born on date" stamped on the back of their hand.

1:17 PM  
Blogger doyle said...

With the amnesty plans proposed, Jeff, indelible ink is totally out or emergency rooms will be even more filled with illegal aliens, flooded with those who've now injured themselves trying to modify the date stamped on their hand to one more favorable.

9:14 PM  

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