Sunday, April 02, 2006

Report Cards

"[W]e have a gotdamn senate that is going against the will of the American voters and are planning on passing an immigration bill that will eventually not only give amnesty to these who are breaking our laws and traditions but will also provide for them to become citizens?" writes GuyK at Charming, Just Charming. "Anyone who votes for this pending bill," he continues, "will not get my vote come election time and I will do my best to support their opponent."

Unfortunately the immigration bill Guy's talking about is only one of several that our congresscritters are currently considering or voted on over the years.

I'm not against immigration. I just want the people coming here from other countries to do so legally. The problem is that each time the problem is "fixed," the mess it creates makes the situation even worse.

I've always wondered why new immigration laws are needed when the ones already there aren't ever enforced. Will these new "remedies" be enforced any better or at all?

Of course not.

Once again with the wave of a magic pen wand the past mistakes will simply "disappear." Those who've entered this country illegally will automagically become legal.

Ollie ollie oxen free! Ya'll can come come out now!

Gag me.

The problem with illegal aliens will become even worse, just as it has every time. And why not!

Hell, I can't blame 'em for not taking our immigration laws seriously when the officials we've voted into office and wrote them don't.

All the illegals have to do is get across the border and wait it out before this or the next amnesty legalizes their presence.

People are pretty upset right now (to put it mildly) with the Mexican-flag-waving demonstrations demanding that the United States surrender to their their demands.

Will the growing backlash affect the mid-term elections?

Let's turn that question around: Will the growing backlash affect how those running for re-election vote?

It wouldn't surprise me if worried that they won't be re-elected by their constituents if they vote for one of the amnesty bills, those running for re-election decide to vote NAY. Or drag the debates on and on causing the bills to be tabled until after the upcoming elections.

In other words, I don't believe voting on this one bill in the current climate provides sufficient information on a candidate's stance on immigration.

So how the heck do you find out what it really is?

If they're running for re-election or have served previously, look at the history of how they've voted before on immigration issues.


Relax everyone.

Like Bill Quick, The Daily Pundit, I've added Americans for Better Immigration to my sidebar.

They've done all the work for us.


Blogger GUYK said...

Thanks Doyle. I don't like what I am hearing from Washington DC at all and kind of figure that there will be no type of reform bill passed until after the elections. The GOP is running scared because of Delay and the acuusations of graft from the Donks who don't worry about being crooks themselves-hell the public expects it from them. But in any event the polls show that a majority of Americans are concerned about illegal immigration--not immigration, but ILLEGAL immigration. I also suspect that t is gonna reflect at the poll booth

8:55 AM  

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