Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Stuck On Stupid

Da Kid, who'd finally gotten a day off, and I were "out and about" the other day. Our last stop was a big-box home improvement store to pick up some screws and a couple nuts and bolts of a particular (and apparently peculiar) size. We also wanted to do some exploratory shopping.

We're aren't in a big rush. We're getting by but Herself and Da Kid's stove needs replacin' and so does my washing machine. Generally, we both know what we want and some of the manufacturers are offering special deals if you buy more than one appliance at the same time. So, let's see what's out there!

Da Kid's over by the stoves looking at all the different models and I'm checking out the washing machines. This guy, one of the store's salesmen, walks up and tells me he'll be happy to answer any questions I might have.

And I did have a specific question about the difference between two of the washing machines. I asked my question and after obviously a great deal of deep thought, the salesman said he didn't know the answer. But, he'd find out the answer, he said, and be right back.

Except, he never left.

Instead, he stood there telling me about the store's plan to move the appliance section to a different location in the store and why, in his opinion, it was a big mistake.

The store hasn't been moving as many appliances as it thinks it should be selling, and once the sections are merged they're probably going to reduce staff. They don't understand, he said, that buyers expect service!

When he FINALLY shut up, he headed off in Da Kid's direction telling me to let him know if I had any questions regarding the washing machines.

He'd be happy to answer them.

It's not good to mess with a nurse, especially one who's finished up another one of those shifts in the area's emergency room. They have HAD IT!

"Karen," Herself's best friend and a fellow nurse, getting in her car to head home realized she was low on gas. Pulling into a station a few blocks from the hospital, she'd just filled the tank when she felt something pushed against her back and heard, "Give me the keys."

Karen complied and as the two "utes" scrambled into her car, she took off for the station's office yelling, "Call the police! They're stealing my car!"

The cashier was in the process of doing so when the door banged open.

Captured on the station's video surveillance camera that the cops now have, is one of the "utes" — the driver — screaming at Karen, "How do you drive it?"

Then him throwing her keys on the floor in disgust and running out the door when she screamed back, "You can't drive standard, ASSHOLE?"

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Blogger pamibe said...

OMG, I haven't laughed this hard this early in the morning for a long time!

Thanks, I needed that! :D

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