Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Makes sense

George Will has a suggestion for Dubya on who should replace John W. Snow, the departing Treasury Secretary: Alan Greenspan.

Greenspan, a black hole of charisma, is, because of his reassuring lack of dash, precisely the person to embody sobriety in defense of bold changes, of which there soon will be many proposed. Greenspan, whose demeanor -- call it caution cubed -- does not suggest a man hurrying to Mardi Gras, has an unrivaled reservoir of credibility . . .
Will goes on to explain that one of the primary goals Bush has laid out, where someone of Greenspan's ability and credibility will be crucial, is reforming Social Security.

The Lefty-Loons are already out there spreading their disinformation on this proposal.

A great source of information to counter it is The Cato Institute's Project on Social Security Choice.



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