Sunday, July 09, 2006


"When I began writing about Oil-for-Food, almost four years ago, I knew next to nothing about the inner workings of the United Nations," writes Claudia Rosett. "I didn’t know the players. I had never been to a U.N. briefing. It was September, 2002, and the U.N. debate over removing Saddam Hussein had just turned hot. I was trying to understand the workings of the U.N.-sanctioned Iraqi economy, which seemed to consist of almost nothing but Oil-for-Food. I began making some phone calls to ask how the program actually worked."

Since then, Rosett has been reporting on the UN's Oil For Food scandal for numerous venues including National Review and Fox News, to name a just a few.

In addition to the news reports she's filing on the New York OFF trial of Tungson Park, she's also blogging it here.

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