Friday, December 07, 2007

Busy work

This morning the local weatherjerk was STILL prognosticating that -- on his ten-point scale with ten being perfection -- today was going to be a nine.

I don't know about anybody else here in Northeast Florida, but I've been freezing my ass off all day and the sky hasn't changed one bit. It looks like the ones I grew up with when there's a snow storm coming.

In other words the local weatherjerk can't actually predict the weather. No weatherjerk can with any degree of reliability.

But that doesn't stop Colorado State University meteorologists Philip Klotzbach and William Gray from issuing their hurricane forecast today.

"Wait!" I'm sure you're saying. "Better check the date of the article, Doyle, because the hurricane season just ended November 30!"

Silly, Klotzbach and Gray -- those busy bees -- were predicting how many storms we can expect during the next hurricane season that starts June 1, 2008!

``With this early lead time, there's only so much you can say, because the season doesn't start for another seven months,'' Klotzbach said in an interview. ``The reason we do them is there's a lot of curiosity. People want to start making plans.'' -- Bloomberg
The weatherjerks can't even predict accurately what the weather is going to be tomorrow, but we're supposed to "start making plans" now based on their predictions for a hurricane season that doesn't even start for seven months?

Somebody needs to fine these two some REAL work to do.



Blogger pamibe said...

They'll be wrong again... for the third year in a row. Idiots.

Prognostications like that affect our economy because potential visitors won't want to take the chance...

7:32 AM  
Blogger Norma said...

They've been wrong the last 3 years--so no wonder people don't pay attention, then something BIG comes along.

12:03 PM  

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