Friday, January 25, 2008

Great. Just great.

Fred drops out, and that's when his poll numbers start to climb.

I wonder if the jump had anything to do with last night's GOP Florida love fest "debate." (Transcript here.) The only REALLY important matter discussed was whether Sly Stallone, who's apparently backing Romney, could beat the snot out of Huckabee supporter Chuck Norris.

I was half expecting the candidates to all break into song -- Kumbaya, of course, followed by I love you, you love me -- with a fat, ugly, and exceedingly irritating pseudo-dinasaur appearing from the wings to join the five in a group hug.

Halfway through I knew exactly who I'd be voting for on Tuesday. Although he's dropped out of the race, Fred's still on the ballot. A protest vote? Yes!!!

Then with McCain and Huckabee still yammering away and the possibility that one of them just might win the party's nomination if I threw my vote away like that, I came to my senses. Still, the thought was nice and it made me happy even for the short time it lasted.

On the home front, my phone's ringing off the hook with candidates (or their surrogates) all calling to tell me how great they are. And daily, my mailbox is filled with their crap.

The only call of real note came this morning. A supposed 45-second survey that lasted quite a while longer because after answering the first three questions honestly, I recognized the nature of the robo-bot (a very UGLY push-poll by a nutziod group called Common Sense Issues that's supporting Huckabee and now calling Florida's voters) because of news reports about the calls made in states where the primaries (or caucuses) have already occured.

Starting with the fourth question in my most pleasant tone I began answering, "Fuck you."

I don't know how many other questions there might have been because the poor bot never got beyond the fourth. It kept saying that the only answer it could recognize was either Yes or No, and all I kept saying back was "Fuck you."

Damned thing finally called it quits and just hung up on me.



Blogger pamibe said...

Yeah, those calls are driving me crazy, and that push poll was worse!!!! By the end of it I hated Huckleberry with a red hot passion and was screaming damittohell into the robot's ear. Ugh.

1:23 PM  
Blogger GUYK said...

BAWAHAHAHAHA I did the same thing except it wasn't a 'bot'..finally the woman just said "well fuck you too." BAWAHAHAHA

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does it really make sense to throw away a Fred vote when a Romney vote helps prevent McCain from winning Florida the most?

4:49 PM  
Blogger doyle said...

That's why, since Fred's dropped out, I'm voting FOR Mitt, Anonymous.

Huckabee's said he has no control over the group, Pam, and said in one of debates (SC, I think) they don't seem to realize they're hurting him more than helping.

How true.

Let's not forget, too, if it weren't for McCain-Feingold creating the 527s, Huckabee's nutziods wouldn't be calling to start with.

I'm at the point, Guy, I'm now yelling FUCK YOU at my answering machine as I play the recordings left. Except for one. With that one I asked, "Who gives a fuck?"

That one was from Sen. Sam Brownback who said he was calling Catholics (which I'm not) encouraging them to vote for McCain.

Why Catholics? Is it because Rudy is, or because Mitt's a Mormon?

5:39 PM  
Blogger Bob Finch said...

Now I don't feel so weird for cussing out the McCain bot phone call I got this afternoon...with McCain's actual voice. It's the first time my five-year-old daughter ever heard me say "Fuck you, scumbag."

10:46 PM  

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