Friday, January 04, 2008

Look out! It's CLIMATE CHANGE!!!

One thing about living in Northeast Florida is if you don't like what the weather is now, all you have to do is wait a day or so (or maybe only a few hours) and it will change. Often, drastically.

Sunday was delightfully warm with the high temperature around 80 degrees. Sunny, too!

Herself and Da Kid invited me over for dinner and in the space of only a few hours, I was driving home in THAT, and flipping on the heater in my car because for some strange reason, I hadn't thought to bring a coat with me.

After a hard freeze two mornings in a row, yesterday's high was 43 degrees. At least it didn't get down to 16 yesterday morning like the weatherjerk had predicted.

Not that it made much difference as cold as it was. When I went out to feed Dingbat — my feet making crunch-crunch noises in the frozen dirt with every step going to his stall — the old fart almost ran me over.

No, he wasn't enjoying a brisk morning run. He was flipping out on a sugar high (he's always been overly sensitive) due to the excess of sweet feed I've been adding to his regular food so that internally, his system would keep him warm naturally.

That sounds so ... so, enviro-nutish: "...naturally." The truth of the matter is that Dingbat never left his blankets on so years ago, after untangling his feet and legs from the dangerously twisted mess he'd once again created for himself, I packed the horse blankets away for good. Not that the straps on them were good anymore because this time, it was so bad I'd had to slice through them one of them with a knife to get him undone before he panicked and hurt himself, possibly fatally as in breaking a leg.

Another hard freeze this morning and another one projected tomorrow.

One more day. Just one more this go-'round!

Aaaah, climate change! Bring it on! I can't wait!!!

According to the weatherjerk, Sunday will be in the 70's.

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Blogger pamibe said...

Yep, here too. It was nice to have some really cool temps for a change, though. ;)

8:43 PM  

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